According to reports, Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:TYL) has signed a contract with Huntsville, Alabama. The company will offer its Munis enterprise resource planning solutions in order effectively to integrate human resource and financial system of the city. The agreement includes various training sessions, professional services and other support from TYL.

Insights of the contract:

As per the inputs given by city of Huntsville, Alabama, it selected Munis out of a wide range of options that it had, because of excellent system functionality and proven technology platform that could meet its technological requirements. TYL had offered effective technological solutions to various other public sector units in the past, which prompted the city if Alabama to opt for Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:TYL) rather than anyone else. There are various modern technologies available in the market, which are a lot more advanced in nature than the ones used by Huntsville. It has reviewed the work of Munis technology in the past and analyzed its success ratio very closely. Munis technology has effectively replaced aging technology of companies with the latest technology, which does not only save their cost, but also improve productivity over time. Huntsville found that Munis technology could not only fulfill its functional requirements, but also it could meet with the high service standards of the company.

According to Randy Taylor, Finance Director, Huntsville, Munis solution of Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:TYL) can completely integrate budget, key finance, human resource functions and other needs of the city effectively. It can provide technological solutions and information rich system to the employees who work in the city. He also thinks that Munis will enable public of Huntsville, Alabama to use latest e-media solutions in place of papers, which will save time, increase productivity and efficiency. All the TYL clients will continue getting new updates in the future as and when they launch at no extra cost.