According to reports, Tyco Integrated Security of Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE:TYC) recently announced that it would enter into small business market. TYC announced that it would start offering cost effective, scalable and commercial grade security system and services to small businesses.

Road Ahead:

TYC’s integrated Security unit is probably the most experienced commercial security providing unit of the world. It has got immense experience of various problems and loopholes that are there in the industry. As per the information, now the company will look forward to using its in-depth experience for providing excellent solutions to various small scale business spread across the country. According to Mark VanDover, President, Integrated Security Unit of Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE:TYC), there are a lot of problems that every business has to face in today’s time. TYC has been serving more than 250,000 local businesses in America for a very long time; therefore, it is aware of various issues that are there in front of them. It also understands that each business face problems different than others, for which unique solutions are required. There are not many companies that can offer as good and comprehensive solutions as TYC because of its in-depth experience and strong understanding of the domestic market.

Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE:TYC) is looking forward to making small businesses safe and secure with the help of its second to none commercial-grade security solutions and domestic service teams which would be available 24/7 to support them. These teams will be expert in solving a wide array of problems that any business can face in today’s time. TYCoIS provides a complete range of business related services in the field of installation, design, support and maintenance of security system, whether existing or newly installed. Small business can easily operate and grow fast in today’s fast paced environment with the help of its top notched solutions.