According to reports, AirPatrol Corporation has received two patents for security and Mobile location from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It is fully owned subsidiary of Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SYRX). As per the information, the company received these patents because of its beyond compare developmental activities in the field of mobile device location, detection and security.

Insights of the patents:

The first patent has been issued to the company for securing a device by automatic shutting down its Wi-Fi whenever it gets connected to a wired internet connection. AirPatrol Corporation has received a patent, number 8,838,812 for this development. The second patent numbered 8,843,155 has been given to it for its top notched development in mobile technology and security. As per the reports, it has developed a system that locates, detects and monitors various movements of smartphones, mobile devices, tablets and other wireless devices. The newly developed system does it on the basis of radio frequencies that these devices emit. Once this system detects the device, it can clearly interact with the device on the basis of its owner, location and other parameters.

According to Cleve Adams, Chief Executive Officer of AirPatrol, the company has done extremely well to develop these two systems. The entire management and development teams are delighted to receive patent protection from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the extraordinary work it has done. He believes that patent protection will further highlight various advantages of these unique technologies and help the company to get these products ready quickly. The ‘Zone’ technology of AirPatrol is built on a network of various sensors that are equal in size with paperback books. These sensors can be mounted outdoors or indoors without any hassle. These sensors catch the radio frequency emitted by mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices regularly and then take actions accordingly.