Seagate Technology Plc (NASDAQ:STX), leading storage solutions company announced that Kingsoft Cloud Company has selected the company’s flash acceleration cards based on PCIe. Kingsoft Cloud is a China’s leading cloud provider and required the flash acceleration cards offered by the Seagate Nytro solutions so that the demands of its growing customer base could be met.

According to Manish Muthal, Vice-President of planning, marketing and architecture of PCI flash solutions, Seagate, Nytro solutions are being adopted by companies like Kingsoft because of the outreaching value proposition offered by PCI flash solutions. Being Asia Pacific market’s one of the biggest web cloud firms, the company is pleased that Kingsoft has adopted the Nytro series which further validates the company’s leadership in the provision of important storage acceleration solutions for cloud environments crucial for businesses.

Nytro produced significantly better response time performance

Kingsoft compared the Seagate Technology Plc (NASDAQ:STX) Nytro solutions with different PCIe offerings and concluded that Nytro’s response time performance was significantly better when compared to others. As the usage of cloud services are estimated to grow, this is an important element for the businesses that depend on cloud services.

According to Norton Chen, Kingsoft Cloud Company’s Technical VP, Kingsoft Cloud Company worked with a team of nytro to find that the solution was superior to the competition in other areas as well apart for providing better response time. The Nytro solution adds enhanced value and efficiency to the customers who operating with increased amount of information by giving them the best thermal design, best performance at deep queue depths which are desired for cloud applications.

The flash accelerator cards’ Nytro portfolio makes use of intelligent management software along with PCIe flash technology. Nytro flash cards deliver reduced latency, high-performance and a low CPU burden for the I/O intensive workloads and high demanding database applications.