NeoStem Inc. (NASDAQ:NBS) announced recently that it had established an advisory board for melanoma disease. The board consists of renowned experts from abroad in the area of oncology and novel therapeutics development for melanoma. The panel consists of six experts who include medical oncologists, a surgical oncologist specialized in melanoma and a basic scientist. The group will provide support and advice to the company in the area of melanoma. Each of the scientists will contribute their experiences in the oncology field for successful design and implementation of the company’s ongoing Inus Phase 3 clinical trial. The trial investigates the use of DC/TC technology in metastatic melanoma patients.

According to Dr. Robert Dillman, Vice President of Oncology, NeoStem Inc. (NASDAQ:NBS), the impressive panel of researchers and physicians will provide their expertise in the areas of clinical strategy, expected trends in the melanoma management and medical practice. They will also provide other opinion leaders’ identification and correlative studies like sensitive essays for determining the anti-tumor response. According to Robert L. Smith, Chairman and CEO of NeoStem, with the Phase 3 trial of clinical melanoma estimated to start by year’s end, the company is thrilled to be getting guidance of such great specialists. Their collective knowledge and experience in research and clinical development of melanoma will be incomparable as the company takes it forward.

DC/TC technology is an autologous immunotherapy to eliminate cancer initiating cells

The company’s DC/TC technology is an autologous immunotherapy focused on eliminating cancer initiating cells which cause the disease recurrence. The therapy involves the patient’s tumor and dendritic cells and GM-CSF, a natural growth factor stimulating WBCs in the body. The dendritic cells of the patient are mixed with tumor cells to make a therapeutic agent which is then mixed in GM-CSF for injecting into the patient. DC/TC was made by California Stem Cell Inc., acquired by NeoStem Inc. (NASDAQ:NBS) in May 2014.