Splunk® Enterprise has got a new app known as IxFlow App created by Ixia (NASDAQ:XXIA). The app is created by integrating the application of Ixia and Threat Intelligence processor of Splunk Enterprise. It is a beneficial app for IT managers as they visualize and assess the various factors like device and application behaviors. It will enhance the customer visibility, and the data can be further used for optimization of overall security and performance of network applications.

The distinguishing features

Bill Baltas, one of the customers of Splunk Enterprise and Ixia (NASDAQ:XXIA), said that the new app has significant monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. Such features are seen for the first time in a prepackaged app. The new app also does visualization and analysis of the traffic making the process much easier.  The deep packet inspection feature comes from the Ixia ATI processor.  It provides the customers with geo location, device details and the inspection feature of rich layer seven applications. Splunk Enterprise gets the metadata from the Ixia’s NetFlow extensions. The application data goes into the IxFlow application for the visualization process. The ATI processor forms the main part of the app as the entire monitoring and security results from it.

The monitoring process

IxFlow App features true layer seven that helps in the classification traffic types. It includes the traffic from various segments including streaming media and social media.  It has a feature of geo-location that can again trace application traffic by any location. It is functional on all the browser versions and device types. In all, it is a complete packaged solution that faces visibility challenges by latest trends like BYOD and remote employees.  It is an innovative app offered by Ixia (NASDAQ:XXIA) to Splunk as the latter is involved in the collection and visualization of machine data being generated by various sources including mobile devices, websites, servers, sensors, networks, applications and many more.