InterCloud Systems Inc (NASDAQ:ICLD) has launched a business practice in association with Juniper Networks’ SDN and NFV technologies.  InterCloud will help Juniper distribution system in all forms whether it is the design, deployment, development or support. It is specifically aimed for Contrail and Contrail OpenStack distributions. InterCloud will assist Juniper with its NAS offering. The new product offering is a means for providing service and enterprise providers with new services that can enhance the revenue and improve customers’ loyalty.

The need

The need comes when there is a demand in the market, and the service providers’ wants to pace up the deployment of new services. It will have a direct impact on its revenue and customer loyalty. The demand is increasing day-by-day with more data usage and increase in the number of subscribers. The problem is most of the service providers don’t have the expertise and resources to meet increasing demand. Here, the SDN and NFV combination works for the providers’ benefit.

The benefits

It works on open application program interfaces making it possible for the service provider to minimize the time for deploying new networking services. The use of the new system allows the providers to move with the changing market dynamics meeting the demand of the industry. They can capture the new opportunities existing in the market and can improve their return on investment.

Migration strategy

The SDN feature has a migration strategy. It allows the management to simplify the solutions and the business practice tales the responsibility of the delivery of the solution. Moreover, it solves a major problem where the multiple vendors use different components of the solution. Juniper and InterCloud Systems Inc (NASDAQ:ICLD) have sorted the common use cases so that they can help the enterprises as well as service providers. Both participants’ unique virtual-network needs are fulfilled by new business practice.