If you are looking for any encouraging signal that the United States economy is improving, then look ahead – Thanksgiving Day is around the corner. This year’s Thanksgiving holiday travel predicts estimates that 43.6M Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home during the event, up 1% over 43.33M who traveled during the holiday weekend last year.

It is the fourth straight year for Thanksgiving holiday travel growth since 2008, when it dropped 25% due to economy crisis. According to AAA, the Mid west is likely to take off the country’s modest growth. Mike Right, AAA spokesperson defines the holiday period from Wednesday to Sunday. Nationally, more than 90% of travelers will take to the road than fly, which is again up by a percent. Mike, spokesman for AAA in eastern Kansas and Missouri said economy has been improving slightly in past few months and consumer confidence is also up compared to last year.

Since Thanksgiving Day is a family oriented holiday, most of the people prefer to visit their granny’s home even if they are still pinching cash and have to economize in one or the other ways. People will go for shopping in spite of current slowing economic conditions, unless their status is in a really bad shape.

The good news here comes from the travelers; it is likely to prompt people to travel due to the recent cut down in fuel prices after it went to sky high rates this summer. He said after reaching record high prices, the current gasoline price is in good shape.

Kansas and Missouri have enjoyed some of the biggest price drops than any other state in the country, down more than 60 cent for every gallon since Sept. The fuel cost in Kansas City is likely to come down to $3.04/gallon compared to $3.13 of last year.

The overall travel will be up during the holiday season and the boost is not as dramatic as it was in 2011 and 2010, when the demand grew by more than 6%. As per AAA forecast, it’ll take a much more robust economy to spark a noteworthy increase in travel.  Regardless of mild improvements in housing and job markets, the economy is still struggling to reach to an average consumer.

According to Airlines for America, airports and planes will be busier and fully packed. It is estimated almost 25 million travelers will fly between November 16 and 27, up by 150,000 compared to last year.