Thanksgiving holiday travelers, who’ve not yet rented a vehicle in the Northern east regions, are out of luck as Hurricane Sandy seems to have created scarcity of cabs. The Sandy Superstorm had harmed thousands of vehicles, including those used by the car rental agencies. The damage of cars has been composited by increasing demand. Christmas and Thanksgiving are normally busy and in fact the peak business seasons. And, enduring mass transportation issues caused by Hurricane have added to the demand. The already booked reservations are being credited, but those who haven’t booked vehicles for Thanksgiving are left with no choices at this point. A very few vehicles are still available, but at a hefty price of course.

One of the residents, Tadd Rosenfeld travelling to NY’s LaGuardia airport on Wed revealed that he wasn’t finding a cab even from the major rental firms; he finally got a vehicle from U-Save for a charge of $350/day, which was higher than his plane fare. Like him, many are finding it hard to get a car from reputed rental companies and hence they are thinking of renting a moving truck.

In order to cover up for the shortage of rental cars, companies have offered thousands of additional vehicles from elsewhere in the nation. They’ve also driven in older cars, which would normally be sold to used-auto dealers. Countless citizens in the Northeast are still in need of car. Some of their vehicles got flooded by Sandy and will be restored with new parts once insurance claims are settled. Few other vehicles were damaged by debris and falling trees, and are still lying in garages, waiting to be fixed.

Insurance companies, including New Jersey Manufacturers, USAA, Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm told The Associated Press following Superstorm Sandy that they have received nearly 40,000 auto-damage claims. It is believed that the number of damages have surpassed 50,000 as many companies declined to release information.

Abrams Consulting Group consultant, Neil Abrams, calls this year’s condition as an unusual situation in the car rental industry. The companies didn’t speak about their personal losses, while Budget Group Inc said it removed few services off its fleet from Philadelphia to Connecticut. The vehicle rental companies say there are enough vehicles offered for drivers during this holiday rush, ensuring a large fleet. Avis Budget had driven in 6,000 more vehicles and Hertz held on older autos, which were supposed to be sold. Enterprise Holdings shifted nearly 17,000 vehicles to Northeast and 10,000 brand-new cars to New Jersey and New York to keep open some regions destroyed by Sandy.