The new Fiat 500 will be bigger and goes electric for the 2013 model year. Two new models of the mini-car will be making its debut at the L.A. Auto Show this week. The new Fiat 500L comes with more room than the standard model and with four doors, while the new Fiat 500e will be its new electric car in the U.S. The first Fiat 500 was out in the U.S showrooms before two years, promising a more fuel efficient and stylish remake of the original 1950 Fiat. After that, there have been four new versions of the remade model.

Fiat 500’s growing line-up imitates the successful tactics of another mini-car, BMW’s Mini Cooper. BMW has broadened the mini-cars’ appeal by giving spin-offs that aim at more lifestyles and tastes. Fiat 500 also tried offering luxury, convertible, and high-performance versions.

Fiat 500 needs to push its appeal in the U.S where the sales are still low compared with the other countries. The company had manufactured over 1 million 500’s since its launch in 2007 worldwide, but it was less accepted by the Americans; so only 36,000 Fiat 500 cars were sold through October.

The new 500e has some exceptional features that include a Li-ion battery that powers a 111-hp electric motor. The battery gets fully charged in less than four hours. With a fully charged battery, the car can cover 80 miles distance, with a speed of 100 mph in city, according to Fiat.

The new 500L is powered by 1.6 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with both choices of manual and automatic 6-speed transmissions.

When it comes to the exterior part, engineers have made the new 500e more aerodynamic than the present 500, enhancing its wind drag figures by 13 percent. The electric model gets sculpted new rear and front dashboards with the use of wind tunnel. The suspension is new for the electric version, which is good for handling. 500L is 6 inches taller and wider and 26 inches longer than the ongoing 500 model and comes with 4 doors rather than 2 doors.

500e has a 7-inch dashboard display that shows the battery charge levels and other options. The new 500L has more interior room; so the company says that it is a large car. The interior is 42% larger than the original Fiat 500.

500e achieves a mileage of around 116 mpg in city and 100 mpg on the highways. And the new 500L yields 34 mpg on the highways and 28 mpg in the city.

The price for the new models is yet to be announced. 500e will be available for sale in Q2 of 2013 in California and the new 500L will hit the markets in the middle of 2013 in North America.