Northern, WI 03/25/2013 (indicesmedia) – Next month, Pepsi bottles will be getting a makeover after 17 years of sporting the very same look. They will now have a design that is easy-to-grip, brand elements that are clearly visible and youthful packaging. The company is hoping that the bottles will be distinctly visible on the shelves.  The “Live for Now” campaign that Pepsi launched was aimed at a complete new look and the revamped bottle design is part of it. The focus of the campaign is that worldwide Pepsi fans want to capture the excitement of the moment- this mindset is the core of the company’s working. The bottles will be rolled out across the world over the next few years and will be available in 16 and 20 ounce sizes.

Brand entity

The Pepsi spokesperson said that the single serve bottles are the most prominent way its consumers correlate with the brand and they wanted that very same connection point to be reflected in the positioning. Innovative packaging goes a long way in driving sales and creating brand equity. Coke is the definite winner in the soda world as the Coke and Diet Coke sales outdid the Pepsi ones in 2010. In 2013 both these companies are launching limited design and star power cans. Pepsi has roped in Beyonce and released the new can design.

Diet Coke named Marc Jacobs the Diet Coke creative director and had designed soda cans that represented various fashion eras. Pepsi is sold in most countries across the world and the designs are generally carried through but launch dates are spaced as bottles are manufactured and packaged in the respective countries.