Capstone Turbine Corporation (NASDAQ:CPST) announced the sale of its Capstone C1000 microturbine. It has been continuously expanding its footprint in the regions around the world, and therefore with the new sale it penetrates Slovenian Industrial Market. It will upgrade a manufacturing facility based in the Republic of Slovenia. Laibach d.o.o., the exclusive distributor of Capstone in Slovenia has secured the project.

The assessment process

The need of heat and power project was felt when the facility manufacturing facility was assessed on every parameter. The power consumption was identified so as to know about the existing inefficiencies in the facility. The expansion is also needed for the cost savings.  The analysis was conducted with the help of Laibach and after that Capstone Turbine Corporation (NASDAQ:CPST) selected the sale of Capstone C1000 microturbine as the preferred solution.  The development of the facility can open new pathways for Capstone as Slovenia has a population of about 2.05 million.

The microturbine

The microturbine works on natural gas and operates in a prime power application. It will now supply power to the manufacturing facility. Before it, the facility used to purchase power from the local utility. Also, it used to run a steam boiler for functioning of heat processes. However, now the microturbine can produce heat that can be used in the operating the process at the facility.

The benefits

The new system will take care of the energy requirements and will take the entire electrical load and steam based load of the facility. It will supplement the CHP system and will facilitate the process especially during peak hours. The entire set up will save the facility about 20% in thermal and electrical costs. Also, when there is low electrical demand, the facility will have the option to sell the excess electrical production to the local utility. It will further help the facility to reduce the operational costs.