At Indices Media News Company We adhere to the highest standards of journalism while gathering and publishing information. We fulfill journalism’s fundamental role of monitoring government, business and civic institutions while also spotlighting the people and events that make our community special. A commitment to readers, customers and employees is fundamental to our company’s success.

Our corporate mission is to be the leading provider of local news, information and services in our strategically located markets by continually expanding and leveraging our news gathering resources. Indices Media News Company is an independent media site that publishes original journalism on politics, social issues, religion, sports and entertainment. Our editorial staff presents breaking news, in-depth analysis and cutting-edge content around the clock.

We are proud of our trained and dedicated journalists who represent Indices Media. Reporting on local and national events takes knowledge, perspective and compassion. We hope you find those qualities each time you watch News Indices Media, and read us online.

The Indices Media News Company offers news, information, commentary, and analysis from an award-winning and experienced team of reporters, editors and journalists. Our mission is to be a leading and trusted news source for our community audiences and around the world. We continue to be the region’s leading media company, providing the best source of local news and information — in print, online, electronically and mobile. Indices Media News Company delivers most engaging and in-depth local and international news content experience to our audience all over the world.

We deliver what people need to discover and understand the region, the mission remains the same as it has been for decades: to report clearly, truthfully, completely.

The Indices News and Media Publications is a core part of this community, sharing in its successes and its struggles, and working to support and strengthen organizations that enrich our community.

We believe our newspaper and website should be at the heart of the community, dedicated to public service and fulfilling First Amendment responsibilities entrusted to us by the United States Constitution. We strive to make sense of it all through timely news reporting and articles that are relevant and useful. By sharing ideas, forging links between people and providing National, International news with local context for events, we stimulate thought and discussion about issues that are important to our community, our Nation and to the lives of our readers.

Staff Member of The Indices Media, do solemnly pledge,

To report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, to the best of our knowledge,
To value the interests of our Community and Nation above all others,
To verify all information such that there is no reasonable chance of inaccuracy,
To preserve independence from the interests of my subjects,
To monitor the uses and abuses of power by those in public positions,
To create a public forum for the criticism and compromise of differing viewpoints,
To present all information completely and in proportion to its apparent relevance,
To exercise our conscience uninhibitedly when concerns over ethics arise,
And, to place the good of our Community, Nation and Humanity above all personal desires that may interfere with the edicts of this Oath.

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